Cao Nguyen Soft is a provider of comprehensive and comprehensive IT and telecommunication solutions and services to all customers around the world. With our ethical, professional and innovative approach, we create a meaningful working environment for our employees, bringing to customers innovative values ​​and excellent service, aiming to raise prices. Equal to shareholders and accountable to the community.
Cao Nguyen Soft has made great progress since its inception. The annual growth rate of sauluon is higher than previous years and the number of employees increases continuously every year. Currently, Cao Nguyen Soft has member companies in countries such as the US, Singapore and a diverse customer base globally. With the strategy of “bringing global knowledge into Vietnam and bringing Vietnam’s resources to the global market” – Cao Nguyen Soft wishes to become a leading company in Vietnam and the region. Quality of service and efficiency in activities on the basis of IT knowledge.
In the global market, Cao Nguyen Soft is one of the first companies in Vietnam operating in software outsourcing since 2007, our software engineer team has been certified by Carnegie Mellon on a daily basis. “Rope Effectiveness” for many large customers across the world by A3 formula * C3 = ROO.
In Vietnam market, Cao Nguyen Soft now offers solutions for e-government and integrated solutions for enterprises and organizations. Most of the key ministries, as well as major financial institutions and companies in Vietnam are already customers of Cao Nguyen Soft. Cao Nguyen Soft is also the leader in implementing the PPP model to promote the effectiveness and quality of social infrastructure services such as education, culture and health based on IT knowledge.